Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

The purpose of wealth planning is to diversify risk allocation among different asset classes (including stocks, bonds, real estate, insurance, cash, etc.). Through appropriate allocation, one can balance risk and return to achieve financial enrichment goals.

Wealth planning requirements
Why do wealth planning?

Wealth planning requirements

Identifying goals and needs

Assessing individual risk tolerance

Choosing suitable asset classes

Determining allocation ratios

Regular review and adjustment

Why do wealth planning?

Risk reduction

Increased returns

Inflation hedging

Financial Pyramid

Risk management

• Supports 3-6 months of living expenses and emergencies deposits
• Insurance (life, critical illness, hospitalization, accidents)


Education, pension, regular, bonds, funds


Stocks, single-market investments


• Derivatives, speculative investments
• Futures, warrants, bull and bear certificates, real estate, cryptocurrencies