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Living Funds

Many people save for their future lives, such as retirement, emergencies, or long-term financial security. They typically allocated a portion of their income to various financial instruments, such as savings accounts, fixed deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate. “BS” provides clients with suitable savings strategies and management plans based on their goals and capabilities.

Education Funds

Children are the future of society, and as parents, we all want the best education and a solid financial foundation for them, preparing them for their future lives. “BS”’s team, according to parents’ wishes, selects suitable plans to provide a secure financial foundation for their next generation, enabling them to pursue their dreams.

Qualified Deferred Annuity Premium (QDAP)

Qualified deferred annuities are more suitable for working individuals who still have a certain number of years until retirement. They 
can accumulate funds through regular savings while having a stable income. They also have a longer period of time to accumulate 
wealth. Additionally, they can enjoy a tax deduction of up to HKD 60,000 per year.


Tax-deductible voluntary contributions to the MPF (TVC)

As life expectancy continues to increase and with the impact of inflation, relying solely on MPF contributions for a comfortable retirement may become challenging. To address this, the tax-deductible voluntary contributions to the MPF scheme can help bridge the gap. Through this scheme, employed individuals can make additional contributions to increase their retirement savings, ensuring long-term financial security and improving their post-retirement lifestyle. Moreover, they can enjoy a tax deduction of up to HKD60,000 per tax year under this scheme.

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Annuity, also known as “self-made long-grain”, can help policyholders convert their savings into long-term and stable cash income, establishing a stable retirement income. It is considered a conservative income tool.
Annuities also offer a “death benefit” feature, which means that in the event of the insured person’s death, the designated beneficiary can receive the compensation in installments oras a lump sum.

Mandatory Provident Fund (“MPF”)

MPF scheme is the primary retirements system in Hong Kong. Not all investment options under the scheme are suitable for everyone. “BS” team will provide professional advice and assist clients in selecting suitable plans and fund portfolios based on their preferences and needs, making retirement preparation easier for them.

MPF Consolidation

The implementation of MPF has now exceeded 20 years, many employees have changed jobs multiple time during this period. As a result, they may hold multiple MPF accounts, which can be quite cumbersome to manage. The benefits of MPF consolidation include transferring and integrating the accrued benefits from multiple MPF accounts into a single MPF account, making management easier.